Have A Question About Our Events? Check Here! 

We understand that you may have questions regarding our event. Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see the answer to your question here or elsewhere on the website, please feel free to contact us at info@riproarevents.com or by writing us on the contact page.

**Remember USAT Rules no longer allow youth to have Aero Bars, Aero Helmets, or Aero Wheels**


Q. My child would like to try your triathlon but is not “super” athletic and has never done a triathlon. Is your race only for experts or experienced athletes?

A. We’ve put this question first for a reason. It’s the biggest misconception in the sport! In order to do a triathlon you do not have to be Superman or Wonder Woman. Our events are to celebrate the achievement of competing AND completing. If you’re brave enough to make it to the starting line, we’ll do everything we can to get you to the finish line. If this is your first triathlon we strongly recommend coming out the day before and seeing the set up, asking questions, and doing a trial run. Remember, we have staff and volunteers all throughout the course and in transition ready to help! Still on the fence? Contact us, we’ll connect you with someone in your community to help get you to race day.

Q: Is special equipment needed to participate?

A: No special race equipment is needed, aside from a bike. Additionally, a bike helmet is required for the bike portion of the race. During the swim, participants may choose to wear swim goggles though they are not required. Athletes will be provided a swim cap as part of their race day packets that must be worn during the swim portion of the event. Kickboards, noodles, and swimsuits with floatation devises are not allowed but each of our swims will line the water with lifeguards and we do a time trial start putting athletes in the water one at a time so we can always have an eye on them and ensure that they enjoy the swim as much as their worried parents. 

Q: What is USAT’s Age Up Policy?

A: At all USAT races an athletes age is as of December 31st of that year. Thus, for this season athletes will compete in division representing their age as of December 31st, 2018. This holds true for awards as well. If an athlete would like to race "down" an age division because the distance is too much please contact us ahead of time. Athletes in this scenario will be disqualified from awards, but we're more than happy to give them a finisher medal and unbeatable race experience.

Q: Will wetsuits be allowed?

A: No. Wetsuits will not be needed for our swim courses. We will monitor water temperatures and make sure that it is a safe temperature for kids to swim in without the need for a wetsuit.

Q: Will I be able to register my child on race day?

A: Sadly, no. Simply there is too much happening race morning to give appropriate attention to those trying to register. The final chance to register your child will be on site the day before the event between 3PM-6PM. Online Registration will close at 11:59PM on the Thursday prior to race day.

Q: Are athletes required to have USAT Memberships to race?

A: Yes, we require participants have a valid annual or single-day USA Triathlon membership. This is your “race insurance,” and it ensures that we are following all USAT rules as well. We realize triathlon entry fees are more expensive than the average run or swim meet, but your entry fee covers much more than just a participant shirt and medal. We hire lots of extra staff to make sure this race day is safe and exciting. The fees also cover police to completely close the bike route to cars, lots of lifeguard to help in the pool, and rental of the entire park for the morning. Saying that, if the only thing standing between your child and the start line is entry fee-write us- we will get you to that start line.

Q: Can I pick up a packet for anyone else or can anyone else pick up a packet for my child?

A: No. We require a signature from a legal parent or guardian upon releasing a child's packet. This is in addition to all signed forms from online race submissions. 

Q: If there is severe weather or extenuating circumstances will you cancel or reschedule?

A: While it’s not realistic for us to push the event to a separate day or weekend we will do everything to hold the event on the scheduled race day. We plan for this ahead of time by working with the city on the maximum amount of time we can utilize roads and facilities. Rip Roar also has the advantage of having one of the most experienced staffs in kids triathlon in the country and are well versed in “controlling the controlables” and putting on a safe event. In the event of changes due to weather these will be made on our social media channels as well as on site.

Q: Are male athletes required to wear a shirt for the bike and run?

A: Nope. Whatever your heart desires.

Q: We need to take our bike out of transition early because of __________ reason. Is that a problem?

A. While we do make exceptions to our “no bikes out of transition rule” on a case by case basis, the time to establish this is prior to the event. We have a staff member in the transition area that can help or you can send us an email. However, please do not attempt to enter the transition area at the event and get your bike without talking to us prior to this as this can result in a disqualification of your child.

Q: Why do you have a rule against taking bikes out of transition in the first place?

A: There are many reasons for this rule. First, it helps us to maintain order in an environment with hundreds of kids literally running in all directions. As you can imagine, order is important. Second, it keeps peoples personal items safe until we have a chance to “check out” the bikes in an organized way. Finally, our event has three divisions. We feel that the community of youth triathlon is one of the most important attributes that we can foster at our events. Thus, preventing bicycles from leaving transition before all athletes have finished supports and environment in which we cheer for each other's success.

Q: How do you count laps on the bike or run course?

A: It is an athletes responsibility to count their own laps on the bike course. We count laps by reviewing timing data after the event. If an athlete has missed a lap they will be disqualified from the results regardless of whether the error was intentional or not. Parents can help count laps for their children by making signs, yelling very loud, or other means.

Q: I’ve registered my child for the event and now cannot attend. Can we transfer our registration or get a refund?

A: Unfortunately we are not able to refund registration fees or transfer them to another athlete or event. Please do not “give” your registration to anyone else as they will not be able to check in and we will not honor the transfer.

Q. Can my athlete “race up” in an age category different than their own?

A. Unfortunately, we cannot do that. USAT’s rule 3.2 “Age Group Competition” states that a. All age group athletes must participate and compete in the age group division corresponding to the athlete’s age on December 31 of the year of the event.

Q. Where can I learn more about the rules associated with racing in this race?

A. You can find a link to the rules of triathlon here. Please note that while we will uphold rules in the name of safety, we look to teach the sport of triathlon and ultimately the enforcement of rules and penalties lies solely with the staff of RipRoar. It is VERY important for parents and coaches to know that USAT identify's you as an "agent" to your child at a race and are therefore to represent yourself in such a manner. Disrespectful on behalf of a parent or athlete will result in disqualification of the athlete from the event, results, and depending on severity all future RipRoar events.