RipRoar Rewards

We're bring back RipRoar Rewards for 2018.

After handing out the same shirt at every race in 2015 we knew we wanted to raise the bar and so in 2016 we did, offering a "swag ladder" to athletes that would mean progressively cooler swag for each race they participated in. Last year we thought, 'Why not let the athlete choose what they want?' It's a novel idea within the event world (as far as we know, we're the only ones doing it) but it also makes complete sense: a 7 year old athlete likely wants something completely different to remember their RipRoar experience by than a 15 year old. We thought it was such a good idea, we're bringing it back!


How It Works:

Athletes will receive RipRoar Rewards for registering for an event. We've expanded our RipRoar Store to include tons of new items and all of it can be purchased with rewards, cash or a combination of the two (1pt=$1).

10 Points for Registering!

Power to the (little) people!